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The New Online Banking Bill Pay!

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LANB is pleased to announce the coming launch of our new Bill Payments system. The new system will greatly improve the way your free bill payments are processed. Current Online Banking customers have been sent an Online Banking message with instructions on how to handle the changes and will be required to agree to new terms and conditions.

quick pay 

Integrated Quick Pay

Schedule payments for all of your bills without leaving the main page. Payments can be scheduled ahead of time or can be sent the same day (the cutoff time to send your payment on the same day is 11:59am MST).

Separation of Payments and Payees

Need to schedule an extra payment to one of your regular payees? It’s easy. Just select the payee and schedule an additional one-time payment without disturbing your recurring payment.


Faster Payments

Many more payees will be paid electronically, giving you peace of mind that a payment will be received and processed quickly. Want to send a Bill Payment to a person or business that does not accept electronic payments? We’ll mail a check for you on the date you specify and cover the postage.

You Tell Us

You tell us when to send your payment and we’ll make sure it is sent in the most expedient manner possible. If we can send it electronically, your account will be charged that day. If we need to mail the payment, we’ll wait until the check clears to charge your account. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, we’ll send the payment out on the prior business day.


Electronic Bill Pay FAQ 




Q: Why is the Payee separate from the Payment?
A: This allows you to have multiple payments set up to the same payee without having to re-key all the payee information. For instance, you could set up two separate payments to Verizon for two separate cell phone bills. Or, you could set up a separate one-time payment to your mortgage company in addition to your recurring monthly payment.
Q: What is the cut off time for Bill Payments?
Q: Is 11:59 mountain time?
Q: Can I send a payment if there are insufficient funds in my account?
Q: Can I choose not to send electronic payments?
Q: Why am I now required to have the funds available when I send the payment? Before, you didn’t charge my account until the due date.
Q: When will my account be charged?
Q: How can I tell if a payment will be sent electronically or by check?
Q: Why isn’t my payment electronic?
Q: Can I do a stop payment on a payment being sent by check?
Q: Will the bill payment be resubmitted if it was not previously sent due to NSF?
Q: How long will it take for the payee to receive my payment?
Q: How long will it take for the payee to receive my payment?
Q: Are electronic payments eligible for Stop Payment?
Q: What does my payment status mean?
Q: Can a payment be submitted on a holiday with a send date of that holiday?
Example: Can I go to my online account on Christmas morning and schedule a payment to be sent on December 25th, as long as I submit by 11:59 AM MST?
Q: Are overdraft accounts used when the linked checking account is NSF?
Q: Will payments going to a Los Alamos address take longer to get there (because they used to be mailed from Los Alamos)?
Q: How will LA County payments work?
Q: Who can I contact if the address is wrong for an electronic payee?
Q: Can an electronic payee be entered manually and sent by check?
Q: If an account has multiple users, who will the remitter be on the check?
Q: Can I send an electronic bill payment from a savings account?
Q: If I enter an inaccurate zip code, will you tell me that the zip does not match the city and state that the payment is going to?
Q: Is Los Alamos National Bank an electronic payee? I have accounts and mortgages with Los Alamos National Bank and use bill pay instead of a transfer to pay.

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