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Charles A. Slocomb

Director Since 1999
Class I Director

Mr. Slocomb, age 68, has been a member of the Boards of Directors of Trinity and the Bank since 1999. Mr. Slocomb has served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trinity and the Bank since 2014. Mr. Slocomb is Chair of the Board’s Technology Committee and is a member of the Board's Compliance, Loan, Trust, Compensation and Audit Committees.  He retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in August 2004 and is currently employed by COMPA in Los Alamos mostly doing consulting work for the NNSA in the area of high performance computing. He held various management positions at the Laboratory, including Project Director, Division Director and Group Leader. He also serves as a member of the Road Committee of Laguna Vista Land Owners Association and as a volunteer firefighter for the Laguna Vista Volunteer Fire Department.

 Mr. Slocomb’s qualifications include his expertise in technology and computing, including data security.  Mr. Slocomb lived in Los Alamos for 30 years before moving to Santa Fe in 2004. He has extensive knowledge about our communities and the Laboratory, which constitutes a major employer and business in the Company’s markets.

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