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Mobile Commands

Checking balances, getting account histories, and making transfers between LANB accounts just became more more mobile. Once your phone and accounts have been activated, you can text the following commands to 54248 to retreive the information you need, on the go.

For balances send:
[retrieves the balance of your primary account]
BAL nickname [retrieves the balance a specific account]  

For an account history:         
ACT [retrieves up to 90 days of transaction activity on the primary account]
ACT nickname [retrieves up to 90 days of transaction activity on the specified account]

To make a transfer:
TRA nickname1 nickname2 100 [transfers $100 from account1 to account2]
TRA nickname 100 [tranfers $100 from your primary account to a specified account]
CTRA tranfer id [cancels a scheduled transfer.]
STRA  [retrieves scheduled transfers including tranfer id (see CTRAN)]
RTRA  [retrieves recent completed transfers]

Log into Online Banking to manage Mobile Banking accounts and set up alerts.

Interest Rates

Call a LANB Loan Officer for the latest interest rates.