Bank Teams up with Nuvita to Inspire Employees to Live Younger

Bank Teams Up with Nuvita to Inspire Employees to Live Younger


For Immediate Release

Date:               November 1, 2011

Contact:          Cathe McClard, V.P. Human Resources


            LOS ALAMOS, N.M.— Los Alamos National Bank and Title Guaranty (LANB, TG) both subsidiaries of Trinity Capital Corporation has completed the Nuvita live younger challenge and its employees achieved life changing results.  Believing that the well-being of its employees plays a key role in the well-being of the organization, LANB and TG wanted to offer a program that made a difference in the health and lives of its employees.


LANB partnered with United Healthcare and Manuel Lujan Agency to provide the Nuvita program to employees. Nuvita is an NM based corporate wellness solution and doesn’t measure success in pounds or inches, but rather by a more resonate metric — age. When you live healthier, you feel better and significantly reduce a multitude of health risks.  Nuvita has numerous solutions designed to educate, motivate and empower a company’s employees to live younger and healthier lives.  In just 12 weeks the program can significantly change the health awareness, morale, lifestyle and work productivity of participants which not only can help them live longer but also can reduce healthcare costs for employees, their families and the company for which they work.


            This 12 week program begins with an individual health assessment by a certified Nuvita Coach. The assessment identified blood pressure, blood analysis, heart disease, stroke risk, diabetes risk, body composition, nutrition, dietary fat analysis, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, upper body strength, stress levels, stress risk, and a health and lifestyle appraisal.  A personal wellness coach was assigned to every individual and together they came up with a customized wellness program and set realistic and attainable goals. For participating each person was given a cardio monitor which they used to track their progress. That information was logged into their own private Nuvita web-page which records the employee’s participation and progress in cardio, nutritional, and mobility activities.  Every week their Nuvita coach met individually or with employee teams to share knowledge and nutritional information, answer questions, or to provide motivation, encouragement and support.


            After completion of the 12 week program another identical health assessment was performed to determine the employee’s results.  The results were simply phenomenal.  Over 70% of TCC’s employees took advantage of the company provided health assessment and 110 employees took the next step to engage in the program towards improving their health smarts and well-being.  Those participating reduced their cardiovascular risks by 41%, heart disease by 21%, and the risk of diabetes by 20%.  32% of participants lowered their blood pressure significantly.  Overall employees lost 460lbs, added a total of 179 years to their life expectancy and logged over 202,055 high exercise cardio minutes.  Participating employees noted feeling better, having more energy and understand better how to make better health choices.


Steve Wells, President of LANB and Nuvita participant said; “Nuvita improved the quality of our employees and their family’s lives and that is more than enough return on our investment, I am confident these results will show up on our bottom line and in the future success of our bank.”



Los Alamos National Bank (LANB) is one of the largest independent banks in New Mexico with assets of approximately $1.4 billion. Established in 1963 by a group of local investors, LANB continues to be locally owned and operated by Trinity Capital Corporation (TCC).  TCC provides banking, trust and investment services and title company services to northern New Mexico and employs approximately 280 people in its offices in Los Alamos, White Rock and Santa Fe. For more information go to www.lanb.com.