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Stop Payment On A Check

There are two ways to place a stop payment on a check, through Online Banking or through contacting LANB’s Customer Service. There is a fee for this service. Click here to view fees associated with this service. Please see below for the steps for each.

Stop Payments through Online Banking (no signature required)

Stop Payments through LANB’s Customer Service:

1.   Call LANB (505-662-5171 or 800-684-5262) and ask for customer service

2.   Request a stop payment with a customer service representative.

3.   Have all information ready to provide to customer service rep

  • Date the check was written
  • Check Number
  • Amount
  • Payee

4.   Customer service rep will place the stop payment

5.   You will be required to sign stop payment request.

6.   You can come in to the bank to sign it or it can sent to you via fax or email. Once you've completed the request form you can fax/email a signed copy back to us.

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